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FP; How I stay motivated

Welcome back my lovely people, today I will be discussing all things motivation aka how I manage to drag myself to the gym & work out!...its tough! I think most people seek some form of motivation... especially in January as everyone wants to get fit, loose a bit of weight or tone up. Its very… Continue reading FP; How I stay motivated


Review; Technic Cosmetics

Welcome back my lovely people, today it’s all about makeup. Makeup from the brand…. Technic Technic are a hugely affordable cosmetics brand, with eye palettes, nail varnishes, lipsticks etc. They have recently brought out a few contour palettes too which I am dying to try - I have recently found my local Peacocks store selling… Continue reading Review; Technic Cosmetics


Review; Remescar Medmetics

Welcome back my lovely people, today I'm talking about under eye circles - ya know those beaut slightly black patches we get under our eyes! This is a review of the Remescar Medmetics - Eye Bags & Dark Circles. The Product: The cream is essentially aimed at banishing under eye bags/dark circles... which none wants... with… Continue reading Review; Remescar Medmetics


What I eat in a day; 12.12

Welcome back my lovely people, today I'm talking all things food. As you all know, I love food. - just can't resist. I also love reading what I eat in a day posts/watching you tube videos, so I thought I'd do one. I do try and stay relatively healthy on weekdays, purely because I go… Continue reading What I eat in a day; 12.12


The Low Down; Vlogmas? Blogmas?

Welcome back my lovely people, Soooo its officially the month for all things Christmas, food and family related. (finally) I thought I would just update you all on my Vlogmas/Blogmas situation. To be completely honest I'm going to do neither every day. I will however do a weekly Vlogmas and be whacking out some cracking… Continue reading The Low Down; Vlogmas? Blogmas?


Review; Bare Minerals

Welcome back you lovely people, today I am discussing all things Bare Minerals. Up until recently, I had never tried anything fromm Bare Minerals… obviously I had heard a lot about the brand but never gone that step further and actually made a purchase! (mainly because I never have any monies). However a few weekends… Continue reading Review; Bare Minerals